Drawing Lessons

Drawing lessons to teach you step by step how to draw.

Skill doesn’t matter anyone can make art with these drawing lessons.

No art or drawing experience required! These art lessons are for everyone. In a few minutes you can create a work of art. Yes, even a stick drawing counts as art!

Many people believe they can’t draw. That is just untrue. As children many of us communicated through drawing pictures. Even today much of our communication is through images and drawings. Drawing is meant to be fun, relaxing and rewarding.

1. Drawing develops a drive for exploration, risk taking, and passion for learning more about the world around you. With art and drawing, there is more than one correct answer.

2. Drawing helps develop the brain by training the mind to focus and also helps develops hand-eye coordination. Drawing and making art gives yourdrawing art lesson brain a break from your usual thoughts.

3. Drawing teaches problem solving and can show that it is OK to make mistake or pull out the eraser and start again. A well know scientist even said that “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Drawing and creating art also gives a sense of accomplishment.

4. Drawing helps with emotions by allowing you to express complex feelings that cannot be described with words and can build self-esteem. Art and drawing is used as therapy for people with anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

5. Drawing can create a sense of belonging and cross barriers like language, religion, sex, or race. Studies have shown that visiting an art museum not only showed increased critical thinking skills, but also created greater empathy and tolerance towards others.




Each lesson helps you improve your skill and enjoy making art.

Lessons are available for groups or one on one.  Find out more on how to reserve time for your special event.

Learn to draw or just have fun and celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.

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