How to find the right artist for you

Artists are everywhere and prices can vary drastically. To ensure you pick the best artist for your needs, follow these helpful tips.

Look for samples and examine the craftsmanship and technique. If you are looking for a portrait artist. Look for portraits that include reference photos in order to compare the likeness of the photographs to the portrait.

Look for a large group of samples and don’t be afraid to ask the artist to see sample of his or her work. If all of the samples are good, then you are likely to receive a good product.

Make sure the price of the artwork is reasonable. Some artists charge by size while others charge by number of subjects.

Every artist has their own style. Some styles are photo-realistic and others are more loose and expressionistic. Choose a style that your heart calls out to.

Where the artist located dictates how much shipping will be. Charges for shipping can be expensive if ordering art outside of the country and rates can vary by state.

Look for an artist that has current work and has been in business for a long time. Look at their facebook page or website and read customer comments to get a feel for customer satisfaction.


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