Five tips to identify an art forgery

Is the art I buy legit? | Five tips to identify an art forgery

With the advancements in technology, it is easy to create copies of art, art forgery, and sell them as originals. Or some companies take images from the internet and make low quality cheap prints. So how do you make sure the art you buy is the real deal? First, buy direct from the artist. If the site you are buying from doesn’t let you contact the artist, chances are it is a rip off. Many discussion have included big sites taking art and selling them as posters, however sites like and others allow you to contact the artist directly and purchase original works of art.

Five tips to identify an art forgery

If you enjoy buying art from the masters, it is hard to buy art direct from the artist because they are no longer living. Follow these five tips to make sure your art buying experience goes smoothly.

Look at the back of paintings and the bottom of sculptures. Old auction labels or owner stamps can give it away. A lazy forger will make the front look good, but may forget about the places that are not on display.

Ask for documentation. Anytime you purchase an antique or master artwork it is required to get the right documentation, called provenance. This will also protect you if the art you buy was stolen.

Double-check the provenance. Make sure that your documentation really goes with the art you buy, because the documents can also be forged.

Buy from reputable dealers. Find a dealer that you trust and has a good reputation. Galleries and dealers can also be fooled, but it is less likely.

Get it tested. In cases with really old art you may request forensic test results, or test the art yourself. If a seller is not open to having the art tested, it is a red flag.

With these tips you are on your way to building your art collection with beautiful authentic art. The best way to show your appreciation for art is to also buy art from new and upcoming artists. Buying direct from the artist is a fool proof way of buying quality authentic art that will be a great investment for your family long term




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